13 September 2016

Supakit Rungrote, the man who ignites The Power of Change

With the belief that inside of us lies the power to change and succeed regardless of age, this once fleshy 55 year-old man has shattered the limits of possibilities with a new vigorous six pack body.

“We can choose to be attracted by what we desire or be the magnet that attracts wonderful life opportunities to us”. This is the motto Supakit Rungrote lives by to strive for “fitness”

How to live your life and reasons for working out. Find out the details below and we’re sure you’ll want to get fit with this man!!

FIT STEP 1: Why be FIT?

•Since you are already at an advanced age, why do you still want to work out?

It was at a time where there were a lot of changes. Family concerns made me neglect my health. After I retired from my business, I started living at home. Every time I get home, I would down 2 bottles of beer and I did this every day for 3 years. My weight went up with that carefree lifestyle. I started to get headaches every day so I went to see a doctor. I didn’t want to go to any regular doctor who gives generic advice about medication and exercise because that’s not really effective. So, a friend recommended me to see Dr. Somboon Rungpornchai at Absmediq. After meeting him and hearing his diagnosis, I still didn’t believe him. Then, Dr. Somboon checked my blood pressure. It was very high, 189. He asked me “Do you get headaches?” “Of course, I get it every day”, I said. He warned me I’m in a precarious condition and there’s likelihood that I may lose my life. That made me focus on my health.

FIT STEP 2 : How did you get FIT?

•How did you start getting FIT?

Dr. Somboon told me to visit him twice a week, starting with the exercise program. At the time, I didn’t believe in the system. How can a 15-20 minute exercise make you skinnier and only 2 days a week?! But after 4 weeks, he showed me the picture. There was enormous change. I couldn’t believe it.

•What obstacles did you face in changing yourself?

I don’t think obstacles are anything big because I saw success in front of me. But to succeed, you have to get past this mid-way point, the point where most don’t cross. Fitness requires a lot of will power, especially when you want a six pack body. Just wanting it won’t get you very far. I had a few minor obstacles like shoulder pain and soreness. Only when I felt serious pain, would I stop working out. Injuries are minor obstacles. They can’t stop me.

FIT STEP 3 : Benefits of being FIT

•How did your life change after working out?

I think I’m happier, livelier, and more alert. Being on stage, wearing a tank top, setting an example for others, inspiring them to be physically fit. I was proud to motivate through my body rather than words - a role model that inspire others to do the same.

•Nowadays, where do you exercise and what type of exercise do you do?

I do sports, cardio, and some other forms of exercise. I mainly work out at home. The advantage is I don’t waste time commuting. The disadvantage is that it is too comfortable. Thus, we need a good goal.

FIT STEP4 : Fitness Aids

• Do you use any fitness aids like supplements, gadgets, mobile apps, or trainers?

Do you use any fitness aids like supplements, gadgets, mobile apps, or trainers? I use an app called “Hiit” to help me with my exercise routine. Within 15 minutes, I could train all the muscles in my body. It’s convenient and compatible with any sports. I must suggest before starting any program you should get a medical checkup and get your body ready first. For example, if your oxygen level or respiratory system isn’t ready for exercise, it can be tough.

• What does your diet look like?

I eat proteins, but the side effect of eating lots of protein is kidney toxicity. When the doctor performed a blood test, he recommended me to reduce my protein intake. It is good to have medical advice or else I would have destroyed my kidneys.

• Who’s your role model?

“Supakit Rungrote… [laughs], I’m just kidding. The person who inspired me that a 50-60 year old person can have a six pack is Dr. Life. He’s an American that gave me ideas and got me motivated. The other is Dr. Somboon from Absmediq who is my coach. Under his guidance, I’m able to train others and start “hits 30 l” club.

FIT STEP 5 : Thinking like a FIT person

• With older adults, is being fit necessary? Do they still need to be sexy?

I think it depends on how we see design our life. If we want to be sexy, but every morning we wake up and the whole body is sore then that’s no good. Choose what’s right for you. I work out for myself because I want to enjoy life. If you live a life without stress, then you’ll be happy.

• If a regular person who’s never worked out or commit seriously to anything, but wants to lose weight and have a firm body and good health, what’s your advice?

The person needs to work on his mindset first. Leave his/her usual surrounding. If you put a lazy person with a hard working person, the lazy one will start working hard. Just like if I don’t dress fashionably, but is surrounded by fashionable people, I’ll naturally become like them. That’s one easy way for him/her to start.

• How can we turn procrastination into a passion to exercise?

We have to look at what’s important and what’s not. People who procrastinate regard unimportant thing as important. Take a look at health. Exercise is important, but they think “we can do it later”, so it becomes unimportant. They have to ask themselves “why”. Why do I get sick often? Why am I not healthy? These people need to realize it’s actually about them. Then, they’ll see its importance, take action, and work hard at it on a consistent basis.

• What principle do you live by?

Living a life of comfort without frustration. Being constantly frustrated while having a big goal will prevent you from reaching it. Think about it. Do you think stress and frustration will advance you towards your goal or pull you back? Live your life. Enjoy it. Always find new opportunities and new ideas. Be ready for change.
What principle do you live by to have a FIT life?

Whatever you’re doing today, bid it farewell. You can always start a new tomorrow. Progress is happiness. And if I want to get someone to exercise, I’ll first do it for the person to see.

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