02 October 2016

AKINO YAMAGUCHI, an idol for new age women

Akino Yamaguchi, multi-talented talented, English/Thai/Japanese emcee, fashion blogger, narrator of a TV show “Sukoi Thailand”, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast.

The person you’re seeing is distancing away from your life? “Don’t let grief hurt you. Use it to empower yourself and be a better person” Every time Akino Yamaguchi is down, she uses that emotion to drive her life forward. This unique outlook inspires her to change. If any of you ladies want to be “strong”, don’t miss any of the scoop below where we explore her various viewpoints.


• What motivates you to get fit? (Why FIT?)

“I want to snack. LOL. Just kidding. For my health of course (a very proper answer isn’t it?). I have a really sweet tooth and loves to eat. The heaviest I’ve ever been was 65 kg. My motivation is I want to have a healthy body that burns calories efficiently.”

•Aki, how important is it to exercise nowadays and why is that so? (TRENDY FIT)

“It’s very important. A busy and chaotic life usually pushes exercise to the bottom of people’s daily to do list. But, if we take the time to take care of ourselves, we can reduce the amount of stress we suffer daily. Many people start to exercise because it’s a trend or they’re just following what the celebrities are doing. Nevertheless, t]it doesn’t matter how we got started as long as we got started and feel the change in body and mind.”

•How does the way people eat nowadays affect their fitness? (Fit Eating)

“Let me tell you, if you don’t watch what you eat, your waistline will explode. When I eat junk food, it takes a minimum of 2-3 days for that food to leave my body. This means if we constantly eat junk food, weight loss and fat loss gets more difficult. What scares me is that the number of bakeries in our country is exploding. Every time we finish a meal, we tend to stop for a little dessert. I don’t have to emphasize the danger of consuming too much sugar, do I?”


•What are the advantages of getting fit? (FIT advantages)

“Other than allowing me to eat dessert (I can’t stop talking about eating it!), keeping fit gives me discipline and focus. This is not restricted to just in the gym, but exercise teaches us to continuously persevere, work hard, have discipline, and compete with ourselves. That’s why this mindset can apply to other aspects of our lives.”

•What lifestyle principle do you live by? (FIT life style)

“Nothing is impossible. Only fear prevents us from taking action or too lazy to try.”

•Do you think keeping fit leads to a better life? (FIT for Life )

“I agree. It changes our mindset and make us realize that self-transformation is possible as long as we take the first step.”


• As keeping fit requires a lot of perseverance, do you have a motto you live by or how do you motivate yourself to achieve success? (Fit success)

“Fitness is not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle. If you’re getting into the gym just because you want to lose weight or because it’s a trendy thing to do, it won’t last. You have to think of it as a part of our daily routine. Don’t think that it’ll tire you out or that it’s a waste of time.”

•With your interest in fashion, do you think keeping fit is related to fashion in anyway? (FIT Fashion)

“The two are inseparable. To enjoy and have fun with different styles of clothes, we have to maintain our body shape. If you want to wear a low west top, you’ve got to work on your abs. Want to wear sleeveless top? You can’t have flabby arms. To look great in a pair of jeans, your hip have to stick out. Generally speaking of fashion in the past 2-3 years, street style mixed with sporty look is the look. More importantly, it has to look simple and effortless.”

• Do you have any advice on how to eat? (FIT Food)

“Stick to an eating schedule and have a proper meal. Don’t snack. Carbs are fine on days you work out. If you’re not going to exercise that day, careful with carb consumption. Try to eat food that you can tell what they are just by looking. Chicken has to look like chicken. Beef has to look like beef. The same with veggies. If you don’t know what’s in the food you’re eating, your body may not be able to break it down or will probably take longer or shorter to metabolize the food than usual.”

• Do you have any words for Thais to pay more attention to their health and fitness? (FIT TRICK)

“Trust that your body is more capable than you realize. Mindset is the key. What you get from working out is not just weight loss or a firm body. You’ll have a stronger mind, better focus, greater self-discipline. All of this leads to a growth mindset. Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the more difficult it gets.”


• Do you have any advice to beginners or those that want to try new ways of getting a workout? (FIT Start)

Start right away. Don’t wait. Stop planning and preparing and never starting. You’ll never know what kind of exercise is right for you. Trial and error is the only way to find out. The same goes with how you eat. Once you start eating good food, your body will respond accordingly.

• How much money do we need to eat and exercise well for our health? (FIT Budget)

Honestly, exercise requires little or no money. Use your body weight. Once you’re used to that, proceed to using weights. There are various fitness clothing brands that are affordable. Healthy food that isn’t pricey can be seen online. It’s even better if you can cook. You’ll save lots.

• What obstacles do you face in your exercise, if any? (FIT obstacle)

Travelling, mainly. We all know how bad traffic is in Bangkok. In planning to exercise 1 day a week, I have to consider travel time.


• How satisfied are you with the result you’re getting? (FIT effect)

Well, a lean body makes dressing up much more fun and enjoyable. Food tastes better because I know what is and what’s not allowed. There is no worry when it comes to eating. Most importantly, I could feel a sense of reward in my brain. When you achieve something, even minor things, your brain can sense that and it empowers you even more.

• Can you share any good experience that happened from keeping fit and healthy? (FIT experience)

Improved confidence improves my work. Better concentration and discipline makes me more systematic. And most importantly, I dare to eat more. LOL. Because I understand my body.

Written by
Athipan Wongthai
Translated by
Piyanut Sangpattarachai

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