10 Dec 2016


Real life story of gaining a tummy from milk consumption
By Mee Jong

Are you drinking milk?
Do you think it’s necessary?

I would have raised my hands for both of these questions, thinking “wow! I am such a heath freak with bombshell breakfast snaps on Instagram, you know… bloggers’ style.”

Little did I know I was in fact expanding my waist line.

I started drinking milk on a daily basis when I moved to London last year for school. I am not sure why, but living on my own allows me to have a more serious breakfast. It’s not like anyone prohibited me from having one at home though. Anyway, I started consuming milk with cereal, oat, tea, or at least a hot cup of mocha every day for six months. I gained some weight of course, but I wouldn’t blame all to the milk as there were loads of other fattening diets I consumed. However, the problem was that I felt sooooo uncomfortable. Regardless of hours of workout, my stomach was somehow…big. Nope, no more body praising selfies on Instagram.

With a broken heart thinking that I was no longer 18 hence my weakened metabolism, I sent an almost-naked selfie to my bestie in the States to cry about it.

“Mee, have you been drinking milk?” she asked “well…pretty much, at least a glass of milk tea…you know, like a Brit.” “You do know that milk makes you bloated right? You are not fat. Come on, look at your arms” said my wise friend. I was stunned.

After half an hours of lecture from my beloved friend, I came to an enlightenment that I was wrong the whole time. Human bodies do not need milk fluid from other mammals. Doesn’t this make sense? We are human, so it’s human milk that we need. Bloated is when the food we consumed creates gases in our bodies, which explain the excessive amount of fart I had been producing during that six months.

It was propaganda in the United States aiming to boost sales of dairy products due to the disproportionate amount of dairy supplies. People were told to drink cow milk and advertisements create a ritual of drinking milk in the morning or pairing with cereal. (read more at nutrition studies)

So I got rid of the milk and started paying almost a double for alternatives. Soymilk was my first choice; almond milk is the second. It tasted a little bit weird for my first cup of hot soymilk tea, but I was already enjoying the new flavor by the second cup. Within the first week, I wasn’t poofing gases five times a day any longer and I am not even exaggerating here. My stomach was flat in the morning or even after a ‘light’ dinner. No more bloated tummy hence life was good once again.

If you are facing the same problems, look for some dairy alternatives. Let’s have fun taking care of your body and come find out other fun ways to stay healthy at FITCAMP EXPO, 2nd-5th March 2017, Airport Link Makkasan station. It’s going to be awesome!

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