16 Dec 2016

Eat it right, work it out

Because eating is a huge part of your day, and keeping fit is no lesser.


Who doesn’t enjoy a dish of tastiness, but what’s your plan for the extra weight gained?


Let’s have a chat with one of the most talented food blogger: Lek from Eat Lek Lek. She’s sharing her intense weight loss experiences from extreme diet plan to seeing a therapist to adopting positive thinking. She surely has an interesting story to tell.


Mee: How did you become a food blogger?

Lek: It started with my family’s love of eating out. We tried new places very often and I posted images on my social media. People started asking about the restaurants, the menu and the prices. Instead of answering them one by one, I created a blog so people can read it at their conveniences. After meeting and exchanging ideas with other bloggers, I realized how much I was enjoying it. I started posting my reviews on Pantip.com plus some other websites and were often chosen as editor’s picks. That’s when I realized this is the right way to go.


Mee: So what kind of food do you like to review the most?

Lek: Girls can never say no to desserts. I love French cuisine too. I like their food décor. They are so beautiful sometime I just can’t eat them.


“I can eat, but in a small portion to get it out of my system. If I feel like working out, then it doesn’t mean I have to do it till it hurts”





Lek: It’s definitely the constant concern with gaining weight and feeling unhealthy. It’s such a big dilemma when I love food but I am so scared of getting fat. So I set some rules for myself, such as no more than three restaurants review per week. I keep the pictures and slowly post them later. For those days that I am not reviewing food, I will make sure I eat healthy food and set my exercise plans. For instance, it’s cardio today or weight lifting tomorrow. You got to have discipline or else you won’t be able to be in-shape.


Mee: How did you overcome the fear of weight gaining or being fat?

Lek: I realized everything has to be balanced. Discipline is the key. Like, if I happen to be craving for yummy food today, it doesn’t mean I have to force myself not to eat. I can eat, but in a small portion to get it out of my system. If I feel like working out, then it doesn’t mean I have to do it till it hurts.


Mee: So what're your goals in exercising?

Lek: Having a good body shape and being healthy. I could see the differences between people who exercise regularly and who don’t when I was travelling abroad. Some people were out of breath climbing the stairs, but I was totally fine. I want to be the cool mom in my 50’s and are still out travelling with my kids.


Mee: So it doesn’t mean you have to be skinny?

Lek: Nope, as long as I am not out of shape and flabby.

Mee: Can you share your workout routine?

Lek: I make sure I exercise five days a week, and I am not overdoing it. I used to have extensive workout routine which stressed me out so much that I needed to see a therapist. I was advised to have a meal plan. Then I limit myself to keep my current schedule as it is now. The sessions usually last for 30 to 40 minutes and will only be activities I enjoy doing, such as Pilates. I do cardio too sometimes.

I used to think that being skinny means you have to be at the gym, lifting heavy metal. In fact, you should be out in the public sometimes... At the end of the day, it has to be something fun to do.”

Mee: Does this mean going to gym?

Lek: I used to be a gym member for a year. Now I exercise at home through watching YouTube.


Mee: Don’t you get tired of it?

Lek: Not really. First I was so determined to lose weight, so I was like ‘fine, I will do it’. Then after two years, I became addicted. Now I will feel uncomfortable not working out. 


Mee: Oh my… I wish I am reaching that stage now! Anyway, what’s the schedule look like now?

Lek: Workout sessions are usually in the morning. Now that I am working, I wake up at six to exercise. It was in the evening earlier while I was still in school.


Mee: What’s your easiest way to exercise?

Lek: Walk. Walk your dog. I used to think that being skinny means you have to be at the gym lifting heavy metals. In fact, you should be out in public sometimes. Otherwise, you will become too self-obsessed and keep thinking if you have six pack today or if your legs are full of cellulite. Simply vacuuming your room make you sweat a lot! Plus, you got to have some activities to do with other people. At the end of the day, it has to be something fun to do.


Mee: Sounds great. So, if you were to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Lek: I love egg! Any egg dish.


Mee: and… is there any ingredient you always have or use?

Lek: Egg, LOL. I used to add oat bran to everything. Have you ever tried muffin from oat bran? Sometimes when I crave for carbs, I would substitute flour with blended oat bran and add more bananas.


Mee: Oh I have never tried that. That will be my next find. So have you ever had any wrong habit for your weight loss plan?

Lek: It was bad, really bad. I used to try high-protein-diets. I completely cut carbs out of my life, which was so difficult since I love desserts. If I felt like I gained weight, the next day I would eat pure protein. Believed it or not, I picked out even one single grain of rice. I tried Fast-Five too. It’s when you don’t eat anything past 5 hours after waking up. My body learnt and adapted. The metabolism was ruined. It became a habit. Bulimia was next. I was craving for carbs and couldn’t resist, but I was scared of getting fat, so I made myself vomit. I tried eating little too, but it didn’t work because my body couldn’t burn properly. Finally, I need to think positive and learn more about making a healthy meal plan. It required help from my family and friends.


Mee: I see. Thank you for sharing your stories. Lastly, what would you say to our readers who just started taking care of themselves?

Lek: Body is like a car. Fill it up with high-quality fuel, and it will function at its best capability. Fill it up with chemistry junk and don’t expect it to work well.


Sometimes when you are over-stressed about being skinny rather than healthy, you tend to forget what the real purpose of spending your energy and time to work out. Lek once took exercising way too far and caused her health issues. I am glad to say she passed that phase and was able to share her story with us.


I am copying her. Yup, 6 am in the morning it is. Anyway, does anyone has any tips for a morning workout? Getting out of bed seems to be the first challenge. LOL.


Let’s do this together people. Enjoy eating, and planning a workout routine. However it turns out, share with us at FITCAMP EXPO on 2nd - 5th March 2017 at Makkasan Airport Link station.




Special thanks to Lek for a friendly interview. Read and follow her reviews at Bloggang.com


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